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Rahanni Celestial Angelic Healing

Rahanni Energy Healing

Rahanni, 'of one heart', is healing for the mind, body and soul. It is a 5D dimensional high vibrational healing working on the pink ray of light, it corresponds with the heart chakra, helping to release all fear-based ways of thinking and open up the recipient to truth and love.

There is no separation, we are one all orginating from one divine energy source. Rahanni helps us to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. It allows us to release fears, blocks and any stagnant energy that we may have accumulate from our life experiences. It also assists us with communication and gaining more control over our lives. 

Beneficial to everyone, Rahanni has emotional, physical and spiritual benefits. It will leave you with a feeling of overall wellness and a sense of contentment, inner peace and calm.