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A little back ground on who I am and what makes me, me.....

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and lover of all things spiritual. Over the years I have had many jobs, I started off my career as a receptionist. I worked for a number of years as a dental nurse in Dublin, as a care assistant in St Michael's House working with children and adults with special needs.

Over the years I was naturally drawn to holistic therapies for stress relief and relaxation. When my only sibling (Alison who had special needs) passed away in 2012 it was a life changing experience for me. I had a real spiritual awakening. From then on I made a conscious decision to live my life fully and as authentically as possible. It was a huge catalyst for change and I retrained as a reflexologist / holistic therapist and more recently as an advanced sound healing practitioner.

A special area of interest I've always had which really fascinated me is the mind, body, soul connection, how it works, and how negative experiences, and trauma especially as a child can impact our lives into adulthood. This impact can cause both physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Trauma affects us all differently but the affects can last a lifetime causing untold damage if not addressed. Trauma is often the root cause of addiction and negative behaviours, another area I would have a particular interest in. I am a huge fan of the work Gabor Mate has undertaken around trauma.

As a senstive soul, an empath I've always been drawn to helping others in any way I can. I feel blessed and grateful that I get to work doing something that I not only love but that is also my passion. Over the years my reflexology practice has grown organically and I now tend to work mostly but not exclusively in the areas of anxiety, stress, depression and mental health. I also offer a range of holistic treatments to help with holistic health, wellbeing, relaxation and stress.

I am fully trained and qualifed to offer, reflexology for wellbeing, children's reflexology, reflexology for mental health, reflexology for special needs and for women's health and menopause. I am a fully qualified advanced sound healing practitioner, shamanic practitioner, reiki master practitioner and Rahanni practitioner  I also hold qualifications in Indian head massage, Hopi ear candling and the 5 oil facial, all of which are available in the comfort of my treatment room.

I also run monthly women's wellness circles and sound bath guided meditation group healing sessions in the Drogheda and East Meath areas.

As a holistic therapist and sound healing practitioner my aim is to offer a safe space that is calming, relaxing, and nurturing, a soothing experience for mind, body and soul.

Get in touch I'd be delighted to chat with you!

Olga ♥ The Sole Angel ♥